5 Tips for Travelling in Mongolia

travelling to Mongolia
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The province of Inner Mongolia is geographically and politically separate and located in the northern part of China, yet it borders Mongolia. Western Mongolian Advetures Tour Far western part of Mongolia is the most beautiful. It is home to the world rare wild species, numerous ethnic groups includng the Eagle hunter Kazakhs and snow capped mountains.

The largest dunes are at the northwestern corner of the range. From afar the dunes look painted on the south horizon in front of those gorgeous granite mountains. Once half nomadic, Mongolia is changing rapidly as its citizens flock to Ulaanbaatar and other big cities for work and study opportunities. Whether they are travelling to Mongolia rural or urban, Mongolians take pride in their country’s democratic institutions of civic participation. Loved the part where you stayed with the locals and got to experience their life. I am going to HK in november but thinking about doing quick trip to Mongolia, realistically probably only have around 5 – 6 days.

Except for the capital Ulaanbaatar, the countryside is untouched by modern life, providing the ultimate escape from the hustle and bustle of big cities. Once you drive few kilometers out of the capital, where half of the 3 million population live, you will see a limitless open space but with few gers and thousands of animals roaming in the pasture. The sockets are mostly two thick or sometimes thin rounded pins. As there is not a standard plug fitting in Mongolia, you might find different sockets, so bringing a multi-pin adapter is essential. Please bear in mind that the supply of electricity in the countryside is unstable, so we highly recommend that you carry sufficient batteries to run your equipment for 2-3 days without having to charge from the mains. A small slimline portable battery pack for charging your cell phone might also be a good idea.

Beyond all the stunning sights and attractions Mongolia has to the offer, one of the best things about going was the opportunity to reconnect with myself through solo travel, a practice of which I’m a huge advocate . In particular, my days out in the steppe, sans distractions like the internet, gave me time to relax and ponder life’s big questions. While I don’t recommend visiting Ulaanbaatar as a top thing to do in Mongolia, it’s highly likely to be your first point of entry into the country anyway, especially if you arrive by plane.

A Mongolian visit visa is usually valid for a stay of up to 30 days within six months from the date of issue. You can extend your visa up to 30 days once within six months. Please note that it can be difficult to get visas for China and Russia in Mongolia. If you’re planning to travel to China or Russia from Mongolia, seek advice from Chinese and Russian Embassies in London for the latest visa requirements before you travel to Mongolia. Foreigners who are not residents of Mongolia have not always been able to get Chinese visas from the Chinese embassy in Ulaanbaatar. If you plan to travel to Mongolia and then onward to China, you should get your Chinese visa before the start of your trip.

I was conversing with Ms Boggie the whole time and her English was excellent and so accommodating and understanding of our needs. We are family of four with two boys, at the time 6 and 9 years old. My eldest had dietary restrictions and everything was not a problem where ever we went… Gobi Desert & Orkhon Valley Tour One week is just a perfect duration to discover the Gobi desert highlights; the scenic places, top attractions, and must-do activities. You will be in the Gobi desert on the first day of this tour being surrounded by 360°C steppe views.

The Secret History of the Mongols

At its peak, the Mongol Empire covered the most contiguous territory in history. Led at first by Genghis Khan, the empire lasted from 1206 until 1368. During that time, it expanded to cover most of Eurasia, thanks to advanced technology and a massive horde of nomadic warriors. The Golden Horde maintained good relations with European powers such as the state of Genoa in Italy, and often used the Genoese as trading intermediaries, Favereau wrote. The Golden Horde also tried to control the princes of the cities it ruled, such as Moscow, and use them as intermediaries to collect taxes. At times the princes cooperated well with the Golden Horde while at other times they launched rebellions that the Golden Horde had to put down.

In late 1919, the Chinese general Xu Shuzheng occupied Urga after suspicious deaths of Mongolian patriotic nobles and forced the Bogd Khaan and the leading nobles to sign a document renouncing Mongolia’s independence. Leaders of Mongolia’s national independence movement, such as Magsarjav and Damdinsüren were arrested and imprisoned. Galdan Tseren took a series of actions to develop of crop production, gardening, and cannon manufacture in Dzungaria. He successfully repelled the aggression of the Qing dynasty in 1729–31. Moreover, his general Baga Tserendondov advanced into Khalkha and reached the River Kerulen in 1732, but had to retreat after battles with Khalkha and Qing troops.

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