Choosing A Moving Company How To Get An Estimate?

Professional moving company in Dubai
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Are you planning to change accommodation? Change of family situation, real estate purchase. Professional moving company in Dubai. Whatever the reason for your departure, if you do not want to move alone, you will have to find a moving company. How to navigate among all the offers available on the Internet? How to make a moving quote according to the rules of the art? Do you have no idea of ​​the volume to be transported? Should I schedule a home visit? How to move without breaking the bank? We answer your questions.

Choose A Mover

To select a mover, you can find out from your entourage, your colleagues or your friends may have already called on a professional moving company. Of course, all moving companies are now referenced on the Internet. To have a precise idea of ​​the costs that your departure will involve, it is preferable to have at least three quotes drawn up. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is recommended to favour service providers certified and affiliated with the Chamber Synodical du Disengagement or the French Federation of Movers.

Assess The Volume To Be Moved

To establish a moving quote, it will be imperative to assess the volume to be transported in order to define what type of moving truck will be assigned to you. To calculate the volume as accurately as possible, several solutions are available to you: home visit, remote visit or online simulator.

Free Home Visit

When requesting a quote, each moving company offers a free home visit service to assess your needs. This step is an opportunity to get to know each company selected. You will meet a sales representative who will comb through your accommodation.

All the rooms in your home will be diagnosed, fragile objects will be identified, bulky furniture or furniture to be dismantled will be counted. The sales agent must ensure that access to your accommodation is in the best possible conditions, from reserving parking spaces to the need to use a goods lift or even the possibility of using your building. This will be an opportunity for you to ask concrete questions about the organization of your move.

The Remote Visit

It is not always possible to make a home visit. Lack of time, distance or even health restrictions, you may prefer that the visit be carried out remotely. Nothing could be simpler thanks to applications like Skype or WhatsApp. You will be connected with a moving expert who will assess your needs online, similar to a home visit. best real estate marketplace Several pieces of information will be checked, such as the size of your accommodation, the possibilities of access, and the presence of bulky furniture.

Calculate The Volume Using An Online Simulator

The last possible option to know the volume necessary for your move: is the online simulator. Indeed, most professional moving companies offer this type of service on their website. You can account for each object to be transported yourself: objects, furniture, moving boxes, everything is referenced to define the volume as accurately as possible. After taking a general inventory, you will receive a summary and get a result in cubic meters instantly. This tool is generally free and allows you to simulate the cost of your move yourself. With this information, you can contact a moving company that can send you a rough estimate to help you plan your moving budget.

Choose A Formula Before Establishing An Estimate

To establish an estimate, the moving company offers several formulas. How to choose the solution best suited to your needs while taking your budget into account? In most cases, you will be presented with three moving offers:

The Economic Formula

The option to choose a cheap move. In this case, the role of the moving company is limited exclusively to transport and handling. A few weeks before D-Day, the removal company will send you a batch of packaging boxes with adhesive rolls. It’s up to you to prepare the boxes in advance: household linen, bookcase, porcelain dishes, crystal glasses, and trinkets, be meticulous. You will also be responsible for dismantling the furniture and of course reassembling it in your new accommodation.

The Standard Formula

This formula makes your job considerably easier. You will only have to pack your belongings in the moving boxes previously sent by the mover. The rest will be entirely taken care of by the professionals. All fragile objects will be carefully protected to avoid any accidents during transport. Your furniture will be disassembled and reassembled; you will see nothing but fire.

The All-Inclusive Formula

The most expensive formula is obviously the most comfortable solution for the customer. You will have nothing to do, the moving company takes care of your move from A to Z.

Understanding And Validating A Moving Quote

Once the quote requests have been made, you will quickly receive them in your mailbox or e-mail box. The services offered by the moving company will be detailed line by line. It is for you to properly decipher this information to choose a reliable and competent service provider. The service provider may also send you a detailed costing of each available formula (economic, standard or all-inclusive). This will allow you to make an informed choice.

Negotiation Levers

When you receive a quote, keep in mind that negotiation with the service provider is still possible. If in high season, the moving companies can be taken over, chances are that you will be forced to pay a high price. It is also preferable to organize in advance to ensure the availability of the company selected. On the other hand, if you move during an off-peak period (the winter months), prices can vary to your advantage, sometimes up to 60% less than in high season.

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