Top 10 Forensic Science Dissertation Topics in UK 2022

Top 10 Forensic Science Dissertation Topics in UK 2022
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#⃣ Overview

Forensic science is a field of study or application that enables using scientific instruments, methods, and principles in investigating criminal activity. In the criminal justice system, forensic scientists investigate an incident to reveal the circumstances surrounding a crime.

Given its novelty, development, and demand, choosing forensic science as a profession is advantageous. With developing technology, it is a relatively new field with a lot of potential for growth and development and is in demand for uncovering the true nature of a crime. Unlike other professions, forensic science practice never has a repeating day. You might test samples one day and evaluate the results on other days.

But before you start practising, you are required to complete your degree, which is conditioned with writing a dissertation in the final year. You are not alone if you have no idea how to begin your dissertation. Check out a few of the forensic science-related dissertation topics listed below and their intended research areas to get motivated to start writing your own.

A brief research proposal on any of these subjects, which includes an introduction to the issue, the research question, the aim and objectives, a review of the literature, and the suggested methodology of the research to be conducted, may also be an excellent place to start your dissertation. If you’re struggling to get going, just let us know.

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➦ Investigating the challenges associated with pattern and impression evidence for recommending scientific foundations for accuracy, reliability and validity of the forensic analysis

The research aims to investigate the challenges associated with pattern and impression evidence for recommending scientific foundations for the forensic analysis’s accuracy, reliability and validity.


  • To evaluate critically the difficulties associated with pattern and impression evidence in forensics.
  • Quantitative and qualitative comparison in forensic analysis of spot checks and impressions to identify examiner bias.
  • To make recommendations for actions to improve forensic analysis grounded in science regarding accuracy, reliability, and validity.

➦ Investigating the impact of medical imaging technologies for determining the cause of and manner of sudden death to interpret evidence of foul play potentially

The research aims to investigate the impact of medical imaging technologies for determining the cause of and manner of sudden death to interpret evidence of foul play potentially


  • To examine the forensic sciences involved in identifying sudden death
  • To evaluate the role of medical imaging technology in diagnosing sudden death and foul play.
  • To assess the role of imaging diagnostics in elucidating the circumstances of unexpected baby deaths.

➦ A look at how forensic dentistry has helped with cases and how it affects the law

The research aims to evaluate the impact of forensic odontology on solving crimes and the associated legal ethics.


  • To analyse forensic odontology’s role in identifying unknown diseased individuals.
  • To examine the influence of forensic odontology in solving medico legal problems and providing expert testimony in criminal cases.
  • To look at the effectiveness of forensic odontologists in identifying human remains from crime scenes and spotting evidence of elder or child abuse.

➦ Forensic anthropology’s role in determining a victim’s age, gender, and physical description: an assessment

The study’s overarching objective is to assess how well forensic anthropology has helped with the determination of victims’ ages, sexes, and physical dimensions following a crime.


  • To contextualise the role use of forensic anthropology in solving criminal cases.
  • To analyse the work of forensic anthropologists and determine their role in crime scenes.
  • Investigate how forensic anthropology helps determine a person’s age, gender, and physical characteristics following a homicide.

➦ Determining how well blood spatter studies work to determine the kind and time of crime at crime scenes 

Determining the efficiency of blood spatter studies in determining the kind and date of crime at crime scenes is the goal of the research.


  • To identify the forensic sciences’ use of blood spatter research.
  • To examine techniques for determining the kind and moment of crime at crime scenes.
  • To examine the efficacy of blood spatter studies and the scientific foundation for determining the kind and time of crime at crime scenes.

➦ 20th-century forensic science and modern forensic science

The purpose of the study for this article is to identify and evaluate the distinctions between the forensic science practised in the 20th century and that practised now. The research will also point out the theoretical underpinnings of forensic science and the advancements it has achieved through time.

Many techniques can be used to explore the differences between qualitative and quantitative analysis. One technique to check for accuracy and precision is to compare traditional and contemporary forensic science methodologies and concepts. On the other hand, forensic scientists might be questioned on the variations in testing procedures, etc., that they have encountered.

➦ Forensic science is used to decide criminal trials and convictions

Examining a few or more instances that are solved using forensic science is the goal of the research. The study will pinpoint the role forensic science plays in locating significant findings, recognising indicators, and ultimately disclosing the facts to resolve a challenging criminal case quickly.

To provide extra value, the researcher can examine well-known cases to see how forensic science contributes to the most compelling cases’ resolutions.

➦ The use of entomology and botany in forensic science

Botany is the study of plants and has a lot in common with forensic science. Botany can be used in forensic science to examine suspicious plant material at the crime scene. The source of the dead body and the amount of time since death are both determined by this study.

The study aims to determine the broad significance of entomology and botany in forensic science. The researcher can look at the procedures and ideas in entomology and botany and determine how they are used in those fields.

➦ How technological progress and quick change have affected forensic science

Research Objective: Compared to twenty to thirty years ago, forensic science has significantly advanced and changed. The methods, techniques, tools, and principles are changing and becoming more straightforward as scientific innovations and advancements occur.

The study’s primary goal will be to pinpoint technological advancements and changes and determine how significantly they have affected forensic science.

➦ The forensic sciences’ future

The research aims to make predictions about the forensic sciences’ future while considering current issues and developments. The researcher can investigate trends, review the opinions of forensic science researchers, and come to a conclusion.

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