Top Scholarships for International Students in New Zealand

Top Scholarships for International Students in New Zealand
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Study in New Zealand

There is no doubt that New Zealand is a stunning place, but there is much more to it than just the natural beauty. International students who desire to pursue higher education overseas are becoming more and more interested in it. New Zealand has a lot to offer, including a top-notch educational system, credentials that are recognized across the world, fantastic research possibilities, and a high standard of living. The society extends a warm welcome to international students and provides them with a first-rate support network. Here are listed some top scholarships for international students in New Zealand.

IELTS for Study in New Zealand

With the aid of study in New Zealand consultants, you can easily acquire admission if you score well on the IELTS and other English proficiency tests. This will assist you in obtaining a scholarship to attend a reputable university.  In addition to academic requirements, international students must also obtain results from an English language assessment, such as the TOEFL or IELTS. You should enroll in TOEFL or IELTS instruction for these reasons. And Jaipur is the greatest place in India to enroll in TOEFL or IELTS instruction. Join Meridean Overseas Education Consultants, the top TOEFL or IELTS coaching in Jaipur. IELTS, TOEFL, and many more exam preparation services are provided by Meridean Overseas Education Consultants.

Scholarships for Study in New Zealand

To save money, you might apply for a scholarship if you intend to attend a New Zealand institution. You can check with your university or apply for a government scholarship for international students to take advantage of the many scholarship options available to foreign students in this nation.

We will discuss the scholarship choices offered by the government or the university you have chosen for international students seeking an education in New Zealand in this article.

Scholarships for International Students for Study in New Zealand

Government Scholarships:

New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships

The complete tuition cost and stipend are covered by this merit-based award. International applicants for the master’s programme at any of New Zealand’s eight universities are eligible for this award.

Awards for New Zealand Excellence

This scholarship is likewise merit-based and can cover up to NZD 10,000 of the first year’s tuition. It is applicable to New Zealand’s 8 universities.

Asia and Latin America Scholarships from the Prime Minister

The New Zealand government has been providing this scholarship since 2013, and Education New Zealand Manapou Ki Te Ao is in charge of administering it (ENZ).

It is a versatile scholarship that helps fund long- or short-term programmes like language learning, study abroad, internships, and postgraduate studies.

More than 2400 students from Asia and Latin America have been able to experience life-altering experiences in New Zealand because to this scholarship.

University Specific Scholarships:

University of Canterbury

UC International First Year Scholarship

Any applicant accepted for any undergraduate degree at the University of Canterbury is eligible to apply for this grant. It is a merit-based scholarship that offers $15,000 NZD for one academic year’s tuition costs.

Engineering International Scholarship at UC

Given that the winner is an overseas student who is paying all fees, this award is for students who are enrolled full-time in the BE(Hons) degree programme at UC.

Master’s Scholarship at UC

This award is open to all master’s students at this institution. The value of the scholarship is determined solely by the qualifying project, and it is merit-based for international students studying in New Zealand.

Students enrolled full-time or part-time in the university’s research master’s programme who are working on a single thesis, dissertation, research project, artistic creation, or performance with a credit weight of 90–120 points are eligible to apply for the fellowship.

Lincoln College

Undergraduate Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship at Lincoln University

A merit-based scholarship worth $5,000 is being offered here. The student must be in the final year of their bachelor’s degree and have a GPA of at least 75%, or a B+, to qualify for this grant.

International Undergraduate Scholarship at Lincoln University –

This award is also merit-based, and only students with a GPA of 75% or more or a B+ in their final year of undergraduate study are eligible to apply.

Scholarship for Tongarewa

This merit-based scholarship is available to international students who are paying full tuition for the first year of an undergraduate programme or are starting a postgraduate programme, and the award value can range from NZD 5,000 to NZD 10,000.

Victoria University of Wellington

International Students at the Victoria University of Wellington’s Law Faculty Scholarship for LLM Fees

This grant is for students seeking an LLM degree, which may take up to one year to complete full-time. For this degree, a scholarship worth $5,000 is available.

Massey University Creative Art Scholarship for International Excellence

The following degree programmes in the creative arts are available at this university: Bachelor of Design, Fine Arts, Mori Visual Arts, Creative Media Production, and Commercial Music. For a 3-year degree, each Scholarship is worth NZD 15,000, while for a 4-year degree, it is worth NZD 20,000. College of Waikato Scholars of International Excellence from the University of Waikato Students who are first-time enrollees at the University of Waikato for either an undergraduate or graduate degree. May apply for the NZD 10,000 merit-based scholarship. University of Waikato Foundation Scholarship for Studies Students who are enrolling for the first time in the University of Waikato’s Certificate of Attainment in Foundation Studies or the Certificate of University Preparation (CUP) are eligible for this award. .

John Wright Scholarships

John Wright Academic Scholarship

A minimum grade point average of 70% in four academic disciplines (excluding local language) is typically required for this award. The scholarship amount is determined as 10% of the first year’s tuition costs for the student.

Grant for Sports by John Wright

Students who display excellence in sports are eligible for this scholarship. The partial scholarship will be equal to 20% of a student’s first-year tuition fee, covering the recipient’s entire first-year tuition fee.

The Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology offers scholarships for bachelor’s degrees.

You are eligible for this scholarship if you are a first-time student at this university. Each student with a bachelor’s degree is eligible to apply for these scholarships, which offer a 3000 NZD award.

This concludes the list of scholarships offered to foreign students in New Zealand. You can succeed in receiving one of these scholarships if you contact Meridean Overseas Education Consultants. Many students have done so.

Meridean Overseas Education Consultants

At Meridean Overseas Education Consultants, we walk you through every step of the international education process, from helping you study for the test to booking your flight. We will help you every step of the way in obtaining a scholarship for your higher education in New Zealand, as well as with any other admissions-related questions you may have. So, get in touch with study in New Zealand professionals and go closer to obtaining your ideal education.

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