eClinicalWorks vs. Cerner: A Comparison

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Today’s post will be about Cerner vs eClinicalWorks EHR. Our primary purpose is to assist you in making a powerful decision to improve your clinical norms. The reviews will be followed by a discussion about the demos and pricing structures of these vendors. Let’s now look at Cerner vs eClinicalWorks.

An In-depth Review Analysis

Customer reviews are a key factor in determining the value of EMR platforms. Excellent customer support and a high rating for reviews on eClinicalWorks EHR will ensure that Cerner and eClinicalWorks EHR can be trusted. We analyzed the reviews on EMR rating sites like Software Advice and Capterra to verify that it was true. We discovered that Cerner EHR has a 3.8-star rating from users, whereas eClinicalWorks’ average review rating is 3.6 stars.

Both solutions are highly praised for their interoperability and customizability. Both vendors provide high-quality services to practitioners, which is why they are highly recommended by users. These solutions are paperless and allow for charting, billing, and prescription. There is no room for error. Cerner EHR is a fully compatible solution that simplifies things according to reviews. eClinicalWorks is a multi-functional solution that allows providers to have all the benefits of the latest technology.

Cerner EHR Reviews:

eClinicalWorks Reviews


Ability of interdisciplinary communication

Aligning clinical documents in an organized manner

Streamlining the administrative workflow

Faster charting with instant SOAP notes creation

Serving records is no more a hassle

Filing appeals is a breeze

Allows to create substance controlled prescriptions

Fully compatible with third parties

Reviewing patient history and medical status updates

Decreased waiting time for patients




Hard to integrate information

Clunky during system updates

Tough to get a hand of


Comprehensive insight into patient records

Fully functional reporting kit

Integrated cynical capabilities

Minimalist learning curve to begin with

Shortcuts for faster cynical processing

Efficient documentation with voice recognition

Capable of logging virtual encounters

Ability of electronic fax

Features extensive training programs

Patient search engine is available for searching relevant records

Populates patient data into portals directly

Unparalleled customer support

Lesses the administrative burden

Handles even back-end operations




Default med configuration is not robust

Outdated UI interface

Healthcare maintenance checks lacks

Cerner vs eClinicalWorks Demo:

You might be curious to learn more about Cerner and the eClinicalWorks. Schedule a demo to find out more about their offerings. This is an important point to consider in the Cerner vs eClinicalWorks battle. Demos are a great way to see what the vendor has inside. These tutorials will demonstrate the features of these robust platforms.

Cerner EHR Demo

Cerner EHR demo shows that it is a complete solution with a minimal learning curve. Demonstrations of all the outstanding services offered by Cerner EHR include population health, laboratory clinical and pharmacy Integrations. Cerner EHR demo can be downloaded for free and can be used by practitioners to analyze the software. The core of Cerner EHR demo is its predictive analysis tool.

eClinicalWorks Demo

This demo of eClinicalWorks will help you understand the software. The eClinicalWorks demo provides a comprehensive tutorial that explains all features in a strategic order. eClinicalWorks demos are also available for free so that healthcare providers can use them to analyze their patients. This demo was created by skilled staff and is well-known for its rich content.


Both solutions have a special meaning.

Cerner vs eClinicalWorks Cost

Price is a key factor when comparing EMR solutions and making detailed comparisons. You can ignore one feature, but you cannot let go of the other. If a vendor’s price is high, it is impossible to get rid of it. Because it affects the entire clinical workflow. Let’s now compare Cerner vs eClinicalWorks pricing.

eClinicalWorks Pricing:

Pricing is a key advantage of eClinicalWorks. eClinicalWorks lives by its name, offering detailed pricing plans that allow care providers to assess the services offered. There are three plans to suit different needs in medical practices. Some patients require administrative tasks handled by experts, while others simply want to improve patient experiences. There are no initial costs and a monthly fee. Practitioners are encouraged to switch free of charge, as there is no additional cost.

Prices for eClinicalWorks can be found here

EHR-only Plans: This plan is $449 per month and is designed to foster effective patient interactions.

It costs $599 per Month for Practice Management with EHR. This is a tool that reduces administrative distortion.

RCM as a service: It is geared towards increasing revenue generation for clinical practices and charges no more than 2.9% of monthly collection.

Cerner EHR Prices:

Cerner EHR software does not disclose pricing details. It’s not a scam. It does this to keep up with its competitors. The installation fee is not included in the Cerner EHR pricing plans. An additional installation fee will be charged at time of implementation. This solution doesn’t require long-term contracts which is a great deal for providers. This scalable solution is best suited for enterprise grade and pricing plans are accordingly. To find out if the vendor can offer it, send a request.


eClinicalWorks wins the round because it offers a cost-free data transfer option as part of its well-structured pricing plans.

Final Call:

Making the final call in Cerner vs eClinicalWorks is quite difficult. Both EMR platforms can take medical practices to new heights. We recommend scheduling a Cerner EHR demo and eClinicalWorks demo to better understand their features. These demos will give you a better understanding of the software and allow you to see how they work.

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