Sammy EHR Software Review and Pricing Guide

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If you are looking for a new EHR for your practice, you may be wondering how to go about choosing a software program. We’ve compiled a Sammy EHR Software review and pricing guide for you to help you make the right decision. Our evaluation focuses on features, affordability, and HIPAA compliance. Let’s get started. Here’s a closer look at Sammy EHR Software.


The Sammy EHR software was developed keeping in mind the needs of different types of medical practices and clients. In fact, it is extremely efficient when it comes to handling hospital client data. This program is user-friendly while also being equipped with sophisticated features. You can also edit the software’s profile and take training to master its features. If you want a reliable and efficient medical records software, Sammy EMR is the perfect choice for you.

The software allows medical staff to check client insurance eligibility and automatically notify users when claims are incorrect, reducing the chances of denial. It also helps clinicians to create repeat introductory notes and view lab results. It also makes it easier for clients to access consultation details. Ultimately, Sammy EHR software makes life easier for everyone. Its user-friendly interface helps physicians save time and money while making work easier.

One of the best features of Sammy EHR software is its dashboard. Its dashboard is an important feature of any EHR, and it should be intuitive and easy to navigate. Users can use the dashboard to track patients’ progress. Moreover, users can even customize the dashboard to meet their specific needs. Its user-friendly dashboard feature has earned Sammy EHR software over a number of user reviews. The software also offers flexibility in customization, which is a plus for those who are worried about coding.


If you have a practice, you might be wondering if Sammy EHR software is HIPAA-compliant. Sammy is a Cloud-based EHR solution for medical practices, designed to help them manage patient records, billing, and more. Sammy is HIPAA-compliant and fully integrates with a practice management system, making it easy for your staff to use. Write for us health and food The software features automatic payment posting, e-prescribing, and a patient portal, all of which benefit small to medium-sized practices.

Sammy EHR software is HIPAA-compliant, giving practitioners a clear overview of their practice’s processes and tasks. It also allows them to fax reports to individual charts. It is also HIPAA-compliant, so patient data and health information remain private and confidential. Sammy EHR software is affordable for small practices, and is compatible with most major EHR systems. To learn more about Sammy EHR software, contact a representative at Sammy today.

Sammy EHR’s dashboard feature gives you the ability to view the complete data on any patient in a centralized location. This data includes all of the patient’s medical records, including any imaging. Sammy is HIPAA-compliant, so patient privacy is never compromised. You can also upload patient medical records and images to the patient’s chart. The software also offers secure payment posting services.


The price of Sammy EHR software is very reasonable and can save you a lot of money. It has a trial version that allows you to test it for free before buying it. This way, you can see if it is worth investing in. It also offers many features that you might not have considered before. Those features include an easy to use interface, an automatic entry tool, and the ability to store photographs.

Sammy EMR software offers a patient portal so that patients can view their records. They can also view appointments and view lab results. This feature encourages patients to actively participate in their health and helps reduce no-shows. Sammy EHR software is also HIPAA-compliant, which means it protects patient privacy. It also allows you to attach reports and images to patient charts and fax them to anyone who needs them.

A major advantage of Sammy EMR software is its low cost. It is perfect for smaller medical practices that do not need a large system. Sammy EHR software has many features that make it extremely easy for doctors to use. It also allows them to fax reports to patients, which helps decrease no-show rates and improve patient engagement statistics. It also enables doctors to send faxed reports to patients, and attach them directly to their individual charts.

Concluding Words

The Sammy EHR software allows users to review essential health information while maintaining patient confidentiality. It uses HIPAA-compliant technology to prevent data entry errors. Refused claims affect a practice’s financial condition, and reduce motivation for delivering high-quality care. With Sammy EHR, doctors can minimize denied claims by reducing data entry errors. These features can help improve your practice’s revenue and reduce the costs of maintaining patient records.

Sammy EHR software also helps providers reduce the number of claims denials by automatically checking each patient’s insurance. It also alerts the user if the insurance claim is incorrect, saving time and effort on the front end. A Patient Portal is a vital feature of Sammy EHR Software. It allows patients to access their medical history, review lab results, and request prescription refills. Moreover, a patient can view their appointment schedule and medical history online.

Another great feature of Sammy EHR is its dashboard, which gives users an overview of their practices’ tasks. It also includes HIPAA-compliant technology to protect patient information. Users can also attach images to patient charts and fax reports to patients. Voice recognition makes it easier to complete tasks, and Sammy EHR is available in both desktop and mobile versions. Several users have rated Sammy EHR software 4/5, which is more than sufficient for a busy medical practice.

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