How To Prepare Yourself For Travelling By Motorcycle On Long Routes?

travelling by motorcycle
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For every biker travelling by motorcycle on long routes, especially on the meandering paths of hilly regions is a dream. If you are an enthusiastic rider, you must be wanting to go on a solo or group ride to experience the thrill. You need to do a lot of preparation before embarking on a long-distance journey. 

Riding a motorcycle on a long trip is nothing like driving a car the same distance. Many beginner motorcyclists do not realize the difference between the two. They often go on a bike trip without proper planning and necessary riders accessories. This type of unplanned adventure can lead to disaster. So, mental and physical preparation is extremely necessary. 

First Step Of Preparation- Packing The Essentials- 

Regardless of what type of motorcycle you ride, you need to select the ride gear and accessories. Any gear needs to be both functional and stylish. Gears like a tank pouch, rider jacket, bags, gloves etc., are essential to carry on a long trip.  

  • Helmet- This is the most useful and crucial gear to have while riding. A high-quality helmet is necessary to protect your head from any unpleasant accident that may take place. A riding helmet should be sturdy with proper cushioning inside it to protect your head and face from any thrust.  
  • Riding Gloves– Riding gloves are another highly essential riding gear, especially when you are heading for a long ride. Riding for long can make your hands soar in a few hours. That makes riding not only painful but also quite risky. You cannot have a good grip on the handles with aching hands which may cause accidents. So, buying a pair of good quality gloves is necessary when you are travelling by motorcycle
  • Riding Boots– A rider needs to have complete protective gear for himself starting from helmet to boots. A stylish pair of riding boots looks good on a biker rider and also protects the feet from dust and dirt. Every bike rider should wear covered shoes to avoid any mishap. 
  • Jackets– Riders jackets are also a necessary and stylish addition to this must-carry list. If you are heading to the hilly region of the country, you will need a warm jacket. It will save you from the chilly weather by keeping your body warm.
  • Knee Braces– While travelling by motorcycle it is important to put all safety guards on. Knee braces or knee guards cover your knees to guard them in case of an accident. In most cases, when a rider falls from a bike their knees have serious injuries on them. To save your knees from such injuries knee braces are vital riding gear to own.
  • Backpack– A backpack with good capacity is extremely useful on a road trip. Because you cannot carry huge luggage bags on a bike while riding, a backpack is a must-have. You can carry all your belongings, such as clothes, food packets, water bottles, wallets, phones etc., in them. You must buy a high-quality backpack that can withstand rough weather conditions. 
  • Tank Pouch– This one is to carry all the small things you need with you every now and then. Unpacking the backpack many times to find small things like a mobile phone, glasses or keys is inconvenient. So, you can carry a leather pouch for these things.  

Safety Tips:  

Along with the thrill and adventure of bikers, while travelling by motorcycle, you must think about the risk of riding. So, planning a long tour considering its risks and safety precautions should always be the priority.  

  • Wear all your safety gear, like a helmet, gloves, braces, riding glasses etc.  
  • Buy good quality gear to ensure the highest safety. 
  • Always drive within a limit, if there is a dangerous part, try to avoid it while route planning. 
  • Be prepared for the weather and road conditions of the places you are going through. 
  • Do not drive for long hours and take breaks at every point. Driving in exhausting conditions leads to accidents in many cases. So, even if you are a few kilometres away from your destination and feeling tired, do not push yourself. Take rest for some time and regain energy to finish the journey. So, understanding your riding capacity is extremely necessary. 
  • No matter which company’s motorcycle you use, before travelling by motorcycle check your bike with a professional mechanic. Keep the motorcycle in the best condition before you start your journey. 
  • Avoid overspeeding even if you are on a lonely road.  

Final Words- 

Enjoy your journey without thinking about the destination. The trails and paths are the most beautiful thing in a long ride. So, experience the thrill and freedom in the mesmerising beauty of nature while travelling by motorcycle.  

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