How New Tech Will Keep Your Bike Safe from Thieves

Strong Tips to Keep Your Bike Safe from Thieves
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It is a common fear for every biker to get a bike stolen out of the blue. Potential thieves know all the hacks of stealing bikes from everywhere. But you can also apply some basic preventive measures to keep your bike safe from thieves. Your aim should be to provide enough barriers for the thief so that ultimately he gives up. 

When you buy a bike you customise your bike and make it look attractive to ride on the street. Bike stealers look for various opportunities to steal bikes from a public places. They look for the best-looking and high-end bikes for stealing. Sometimes they try to snatch two-wheeler accessories if an owner forgets to keep them safe when away from the bike. 

Motorcycles get stolen from all sorts of public places when unnoticed even for a fraction of seconds.  Rural areas are most dangerous for a bike when kept alone in a farm shed without a proper safety guard. They look for every opportunity to steal a bike as it is smaller in size than other vehicles. You may buy some vehicle accessories online to deter thieves from stealing but there are more effective ways.

You can find out many tricks to protect your bike from stealing but follow these hand-picked anti-theft tips at a glance:

Make Use of Quality Chains and Locks

You might have used several locking systems for your bike but the most effective method is the chain and padlock combination. It helps to keep your bike safe from thieves who can use a determined method of stealing

Display Mechanical Faults

Thieves are on the run while stealing your bike. So, you can devise some false mechanical defaults like loosening a spark plug cap, pulling a fuse or shutting off the gas. A thief might get confused about the mechanism and give up trying to steal your bike. 

Choose Your Parking Area

It is very important to park your two-wheeler in a safe indoor parking area. Anywhere outside on the road will make your bike susceptible to damage and harm. If don’t find a suitable place then make sure to park it in a brightly lit and busy place to give it enough attention. Thieves generally avoid these kinds of places. So it’s a piece of common advice to keep your bike safe from thieves.

Put Hidden Alarm

We know that if we are not careful enough, there is more chance of stealing your bike. It’s advisable to set cover alarms which is an amazing way to scare away thieves.  The specialty of these kinds of alarms is that they remain invisible until the thief attempts to touch your bike. It doubles the chance of keeping your bike in the same place where you left it. 

Avail Kill Switch Option

Try to attach a kill switch which remains concealed on your bike.  The potential thief has to search for it to start the bike. Thus, keep your bike safe from thieves using a kill switch.

Use Multiple Locks

Motorbikes generally come with in-built locks and it’s commonly used by all bikers. Buy do follow backlink But try to use additional locks for more support. Thieves might know about breaking into locks but it would be difficult for them to unlock different kinds of exterior locks.

Cover Your Two-Wheeler

You tend to accessories your bike and make it look attractive to look at. However, this factor is most dangerous as it seeks the attention of the thieves. So, keep your bike safe from thieves by covering it out in the open.

Never Leave Two-Wheeler Running

Professional thieves look for chances when a rider gets distracted for a fraction of a second.  If you leave your bike running even for a short moment, they can run off easily with it. Also, be careful not to hide your keys anywhere on the bike. 

Keep Your Bike Safe from Thieves Using Stationary Object

If you are unable to find a suitable parking zone, then try locking your bike attached to a stationary object like a pole if possible.  It will provide additional safety against theft. You can also join your chain lock linking to your friend’s bike. 

Vigilance Required

It is a matter of concern for daily office goers to park their bikes at the same location every day. Expert thieves keep an eye on the daily riders and mark their time and location. To keep your bike safe from thieves, try to locate your bike at different locations daily and keep it covered. It will help to avert unwanted attention.

With technology getting smarter, there is a growing awareness about all kinds of theft. You need to apply a strong security system for your bike which can avert the possibility of theft at all times. But be careful enough to suspect anyone around you. And if you have a bike you might want to visit CarOrbis, renowned for quality-based accessories needed for your two-wheeler. 

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