10 Of Best Hiking Trails near Wisconsin

10 Of Best Hiking Trails near Wisconsin
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There are tens of thousands of kilometers of hiking trails throughout Wisconsin. Wisconsin residents are committed to preserving excellent hiking and bike routes around the state. Hiking trails near Wisconsin provide a distinct and diverse landscape thanks to some harsh glacial movement. Below we mention 10 of the best hiking trails near Wisconsin for you to explore

North Country Trail – Copper Falls

This Scenic Trail runs through Wisconsin between Minnesota and Upper Michigan. The majority of the route in Wisconsin has been converted to a footpath, although a large piece between Copper Falls State Park and the Upper Michigan border has yet to be finished.

As a result, the Copper Falls portion serves as the de facto eastern trailhead for Wisconsin. This hiking trail near Wisconsin starts at Mill Road and winds its way into Copper Falls State Park. It continues through the town of Mellen on pathways.

Ice Age Trail – Devil’s Lake Segment

Devil’s Lake is a mountain-like refuge located just south of Wisconsin Dells in the Baraboo Range. The Ice Age hiking trail near Wisconsin starts in Parfrey’s Glen, travels past the camping sites, and then winds its way into the center of Wisconsin’s most popular state park, partially encircling Devil’s Lake through the West and South Bluffs.

Near to it, one of the most difficult mountaineering category hikes found in Wisconsin, the rocky vertical climbs can be found.

Western Terminus of the Ice Age National Trail

Hikers may observe the beauty that begs to be painted in oils from this granite ledge overlooking the St. Croix National Scenic River. This ledge is the start of an 8-mile walk that meanders through Interstate State Park’s beautiful hot spots before meandering into the forested hills around St. Croix Falls. As the IAT continues north into Wisconsin wilderness, the hiking trail near Wisconsin touches the St. Croix River at its finish.

Apostle Islands Lakeshore Trail

This trail’s carved granite coastline is one of Wisconsin’s finest aesthetic wonders. This leads to several of the world-famous Apostle Islands Sea Caves. The terrain is just tough enough to keep your heart rate up, and the foliage is rich and diverse.

Along this hiking trail near Wisconsin, which ends at a backpacker’s camping area, there are several alternatives for reaching quiet picturesque panoramas.

Eagle Trail at Peninsula State Park

Peninsula State Park’s Eagle Trail is appropriately titled. Its trailheads look out over Eagle Harbor and the distant marine settlement of Ephraim. The pathway lowers the majestic Niagara escarpment to the cedar-lined beaches of Green Bay from these views. Climbing a 75-foot high Eagle lookout tower is the only way to finish this short circle trek.

Dunes Trail at Kohler-Andrae State Park

Kohler-Andrae is mostly a local beach resort, but it also preserves some of Wisconsin’s most bizarre scenery. A cordwalk winds its way across wind-sculpted landforms, which is a fascinating notion in and of itself. The unique terraforming disrupts your sense of location and space. The amazing hiking trail near Wisconsin seems like you’re on a journey to discover an alien world.

Ice Age Trail Eau Claire Dells Segment

Exploring the sandstone ledges of Eau Claire Dells is a wonderful delight. It’s a natural playground that encourages participation and reflection. Go to this park and try not to climb down to the water’s edge on the rocks. In this hiking trail near Wisconsin, heavy water cascades down and streams through a tangle of iron-infused rocks.

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St Peters Dome Trail

This off-the-beaten-path track in the Chequamegon National Forest is well worth the journey. Morgan Falls, a remarkable waterfall that is a natural cascade cascading 70 feet, is first reached through an easy and broad pathway with bridges and boardwalks.

The route then becomes more challenging as it climbs rugged Appalachian-style terrain to a bald rock promontory known as “Old Baldy.” Hikers may look down on the verdant woodlands that run all the way to the Lake Superior coast from the summit of Old Baldy.

Brady Bluff Trail at Perrot State Park

This two-loop hiking trail near Wisconsin includes two mountaineering-rated climbs to Perrot Ridge and Brady Bluff, which provide views of the Mississippi and Trempealeau Rivers’ confluence. These routes are far from rustic, but they provide heart-pounding excitement for hikers who like a feeling of achievement.

Mecan River Segment of the Ice Age Trail

It’s just a simple hike through forested ravines and vast stretches of pure grasslands. Even so, something is alluring about each turn in the route that keeps walkers wanting to keep going. This trail is ideal for letting go of your worries and problems for a full day 16-mile out-and-back in nature. The air on this route has a unique quality that will leave you feeling invigorated and satisfied.

Pass through enormous sections of forest reserves, summits of cliffs hundreds of feet high restored grasslands, and historic districts while going through any of these Best Hiking Trails near Wisconsin. Don’t forget to use coupons for travel to save money on your hiking trips.

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